Suddenly Scion

Suddenly Scion - Introductions

Introduction (Part 2)

Roxanne Arian‘s Diary:
I thought learning my mother was actually a Goddess would be the strangest day in my life. Turns out that I have a very poor imagination. I am rather glad that I started reading those fantasy and theology books. Not sure if i would believe have the stuff going on around me.
I met up with 3 other people today. All children of various deity’s (Another sobering thought. Just because mother’s a member of the Persian Divinity doesnt mean that is the only one around) and all told to meet here. As we were introducing ourselvs, we were attacked by Ninja. Yes, I am not kiddint, Ninja. Apparently, they are after a cloak, an ancient artifact of great power. One of my companions, Ciara, has a cloak, but we arent convinced that is the one. Ayumu, a daughter of Japanese decent, managed to talk them out of fighting and made them go away. A very pursuasive woman. We decided to keep in touch, but we separated after that (One of our number, a Canadian woman, went after the Ninja, exclaiming they would pay for damaging her coat). I went home and did some research on the artifact in question. I managed to find several references, but after a while, i felt as if i were back on the front, in the sights of a sniper. I fell back on my training, contacting the others to let them know what i knew and left the house quickly. As i drove off, I was sure I saw a figure in my room for an instant.
We met up at Ayumu’s apartment, or at least that was the plan. the Ninja struck then, causing mayhem and lots of property damage. We managed to get away, but a few cars exploded, including Ayumu’s own. I am impressed by my companions capabilities. truly, children of the gods.
We talked in a cafe, going over the fight and what we knew. the others had some ideas about what i knew, but we still were in the dark. It was decided that we would separate and investigate the situation using our own resources.
I decided to meet up with my Peri friend. Though expensive, i do like her company. And it was very much worth it. She pointed out that the letter telling me to meet with the others was a fake, not from my mother.
Another point of good knews was Ayumu managed to track down the numberplate of a car which was acting suspisious during our initial meeting. She had a name and a place, so we decided to go investigate. I hope that things can become enlightened soon. I dont like being left in the dark.


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