Suddenly Scion

Introduction (Part 3)

Roxanne Arian’s Diary:

The surprises dont stop coming. That in a way is a good thing, we cant have life become boring and repetitive. However, being in the dark so often is rather frustrating. I mentioned previously how we had gone searching for the person who hired the car which was watching us when we were being attacked by Shinobi (As my Japanese friend Ayumu corrects me). This S.U. Denim can be tracked to one of the upper class hotels in town. I dont know why he/she would be there, Ayumu says its a place thats good for hosting meetings between businesses as well as other activities. Makes me wonder if this is a case of contract jobs? Heard about them in movies. After everything I have seen, I wonder if i should start treating life like a movie.
Ciara, a young woman of Irish descent, has an ability to summon a murder of crows. Intelligent crows, which makes it all the more disconcerting. I am glad that I have a better idea of how the world works, otherwise i would forever be paranoid about birds. She summoned this flock to help us keep a watch out for S.U. Denim, though I am not entirely sure how subtle a murder of crow is.
Our group managed to find the room where Denim was supposed to be, only to find it empty. Talvi, our Finnish Mountie companion, went to search the room, when a Japanese gentleman and a group of henchmen entered into the room. It was at this point that one of Ciara’s crows informed her that there was a person matching the description
of S.U. Denim running down the fire escape. Without further ado, Talvi disappeared in a blur, much like Flash; whilst Ciara jumped out the window. I ran off after Talvi, but wasnt as fast. Of course at this point, the fire alarm goes off, but I think that was Ayumu trying to evacuate people inside from being harmed by whatever was to happen next.
Talvi managed to reach the bottom of the stairs to block off Denims escape, while Ciara managed to leap mid air onto the opposite building! I did not witniss it, but the group of henchmen tried to follow Ciara out of the window, revealing themselves to be shinobi, in an attempt to chase after Ciara, presumably still interested in her cloak. Ciara jumped once again onto the fire escape, level with Denim. When the shinobi landed on the ground (No hint of damage…I call bullshit), they rushed up the fire escape after Ciara, who had managed to intercept Denim.
Denim turned out to be a woman! Well, shouldnt be surprised, women are capable of being as dodgy as men, no surprise there. Still, it was strange. I heard talking, then Ciara ran off away from Denim and up the staircase. I didnt want Denim to flee so I used a few acrobatic tricks to make it down to her level just as she slammed the fire escape door shut.
Talvi, who had been taking care of the Shinobi, rushed passed me, slaming the door open. As i ran, Ciara jumped passed, doing a very good impersonation of a pinball as she bounced off the walls, retreating into the distance. As i ran, Ciaras murder fly passed once more. I really need to see if there is a way i could match the othes uber speed.
It took a while, dodging the crowds of people fleeing out from the supposed fire. A few were panicing about a giant bear on the fire escape, but I figured that was just hysterics. I turned the corner to see 4 large, what appeared to be, men fighting both Talvi and Ciara. Ciara’s murder were flying passed the group, obviously still following Denim.
Taking inspiration from a film, I ran forwards, used 1 of the men knocked prone by Ciara as a spring board, flipped over another and used the maneuver to hurl him down the corridor away from my Irish companion. A flash of insight allowed me to realise what was off about the men. They werent men, but Ulfen, the wolf-men spawn of old Nordic tales. Strong and tough, very much a trouble.
We fought for a while, until 3 of the Ulfen turned and ran, muttering something about Auntie. Talvi managed to capture and interrogate 1 Ulfen who spilled the beans on Miss Denim. She was a daughter of the Ulfen’s grandfather (Likely Loki if i am any judge) and was interested in finding the artifact in question. She was a good Aunt to them (Didnt kill any of them when they messed up and they love fast food apparently) so they were loyal. That didnt stop him from spilling his guts on the her. We let him go after he said everything he could, we didnt have the heart to kill him.
The lift doors were open, though there as no lift there…


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