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  • Suddenly Scion - Introductions

    h5. Introduction (Part 2) [[Roxanne Arian]]'s Diary: I thought learning my mother was actually a Goddess would be the strangest day in my life. Turns out that I have a very poor imagination. I am rather glad that I started reading those fantasy …

  • Introduction (Part 3)

    [[Roxanne Arian]]'s Diary: The surprises dont stop coming. That in a way is a good thing, we cant have life become boring and repetitive. However, being in the dark so often is rather frustrating. I mentioned previously how we had gone searching for …

  • Roxanne Arian

    h5. Virtues: * Conviction 2 * Duty 2 * Expression 2 * Valor 3 h5. Epic Atttribute knacks * Epic Perception Knacks: Refined Palate h5. Combat modifiers * Dodge DV: 5 * Parry DV: NA h5. Birthrights: * Peri (Guide 2)

  • Mr Shinobi

    [[File:425490 | class=media-item | shinobi.jpg]] |Strength|3||Charisma|2||Perception|4|| |Dexterity|5||Manipulation|2||Intelligence|2|| |Stamina|3||Appearance|2||Wits|3|| |||||||||| |Athletics|5||Fortutide|3||Melee|5|| |Awareness|3||Integrity|3|| …

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